Chakras and the Christmas Tree

There are many wonders of this world that have shaped our minds and how our perceptions come to be. We’ve been taught or GUIDED to think that Christmas is this made up Holiday. WHICH, I guess if we look at it in that perspective, then I suppose it is TRUE. BUT! If we expand our thoughts a bit and start to dig deep, we will realize that there is SOMETHING in EVERYTHING that has been thrown out there for us to pick and choose from. Curve balls and TRICK’ERATION I should say. Unfortunately, we ALL need/WANT to believe in something even if we tell ourselves we don’t. All this said,,,,,as I’ve gotten more into Yoga, I’ve been doing more studies on it. I keep coming across things that are focusing on the Tree which is our body temple. The Chakras and Christmas. There’s not much shared about the co-relation in being stated as such, but they hint at the fact that the Christmas Tree and the Chakras are one in the same. In the book Opening To Spirit, the author mentions only a single sentence about the Christmas Tree and the Chakra System. It makes me feel that even in sharing this info, there is still a forced deception in some way. Like they’ve been told,,,,share, but only so much. As I read the sentence in her book a bell went off. I came to my laptop and studied the Yogis body temple along with the Chakras aligned within it and was like WOW! There it is! The Christmas Tree! I haven’t celebrated Christmas in maybe 5 years now. Well, not directly I haven’t. Of course when you’re in a family where NO ONE is trying to hear that Christmas and ALL Holi’DAZE are made up, what do ya do. (BIG SIGH)….But still, I have NOT purchased gifts in the 5 yrs. So there! *wink* YET! With that said, I am thinking about celebrating Christmas this year in a way that relates to the Chakra System. Erecting a tree and ALL! But I will NOT be BUYING gifts! I may BEAR them, just as the 3 Wise Men did. But, (BUY)!?? NOT!! The gifts are not supposed to be of monetary value. It is said that the GIFTS are given from WITHIN. From the little I’ve been able to come across, it shares that each Chakra is a gift of AWARENESS in some form. For those of us who have studied the Chakra System to some degree, we know that there are 7 MAIN Chakras which offer 7 MAIN GIFTS. I will share two links which speaks a bit about two different people who shared their beliefs in co-relation to the Tree and the Chakras ( (….I found them both to be IN’teresting and a bit helpful. I wish there was MORE in depth information. I will continue to do research on this topic so I may know the TRUTH as it resonates with’IN me. Hmmmmnnhhhhh,,,,, It is so AMAZING that we are continuously HOODWINKED into believing what THEY want us to believe and we ACTUALLY are OK with it. Like REALLY?? (WHY)??? Are we that afraid that we will have to place blame on self in order to rectify certain issues? At any rate….as I finalize this topic I want to share a story as quickly as I can. My Sun came over to visit about a week ago. He works at the Airport, and he, being a FREE thinker as I am, was sitting at the dinner table eating as something clicked in his mind. He blurts out “DON’T SMOKE AT THE AIRPORT! Man, we just don’t get it.” I was like “Get what, Sun?” He says “Ma’, don’t smoke at the Airport.” I’m staring at him like “Eheeerr??” He says “Ma, don’t smoke at the Airport. Your body,,,,,it’s a portal,,,,,that carries and takes in air.” I was like “Wooooowwww”…….Again, there’s something in EVERYTHING. Do research, fam. And ALWAYS go with’IN. Bliss! :)’s

chakras - pyramid - xmas tree



6 Replies to “Chakras and the Christmas Tree”

  1. Who do you think you are?? In here trying to drop some knowledge on Just playing with This is good information though. I don’t think most people know about the origins of most of these “horror-days”. I still can’t believe parents let their kids celebrate things like Halloween. It’s no secret it’s a satanic holidays. Some of these parents are really And they wonder why people are so confused when they become adults. I’ve done quite a bit of research on Christmas but I don’t think I ever made a correlation with the chakras. I will definitely check out those links you put up. This is a good topic though.

    1. T’heee’heee’heee!! I tried, KP. I tried. Lol!…..Yeah, I know. And then when U try to fill them in, they say “I’m not ready to know that, yet.” Like really? Who does that!? Don’t U want to GROW? To elevate self awaerness and all that surrounds U. Eeesh!…Yeah, I hadn’t either ’til herelately. But, I do remember viewing one of Brother Bobby Hemmits videos a while back where he subtly threw out something of sorts. He also said he erects a tree and keeps it up for a long period of time because of certain IN’ergies and Ancestral stuffs….Thanks, King. Bliss! :)’s…

  2. This makes me want to celebrate the Holy day! My body is the tree and I celebrate my life! 🙂 I can justify that, especially since I have loved the Christmas lights since childhood! Loved staring at them and loved the atmosphere of softly lit darkness. The tree wasnt that important, it was the lights. Now I can bring the tree back (metaphorically)
    Thanks sis!!

    1. Me too, sis. Me too! Even now that I haven’t celebrated in years. I still feel a warmth IN’side that resonates with the lights. I suppose that’s my Chakras getting all HAPPY n’ whatnot….Yep, I feel bringing the tree back either Metaphorically or physically will work for me. As long as I am tapping IN’2 the REAL! Bliss! :)’s…..

  3. There were originally 7 lights on Odin’s Chrismas tree. Corresponding to the 7 (interior) Churches (7 seals)
    The chakras are the more physical manifestation of the 7 churches within us. The xmas gifts were virtues of the soul.
    Odin/Father Christmas/ Melchizedek and other expressions are all of the same thing. The common cosmic Father/ the Ancient of Days/ The father of Christ/Thor/Krishna/ etc.

    Bethlehem means tower of fire/Chimney & represents the spinal column.
    When we light the sacred fire within us, (fireplace) Santa/Odin comes down the chimney & deposits gifts of the soul 🙂

    Merry Christmas / Gud Yule

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