Kemetic Yoga!

20150213_140339 20150209_133850 1423940469834In ALL of my years of being on this planet, did I ever think I would be doing Yoga! Especially being that I’m from a STRONG Christian background. And for those of us who have crossed over to the other side “Heh’heh’heh!” We knoooooowwww all things Spiritual are deemed taboo and from the Witchy-Poo side of the tracks per the Religified. Not being mean (Just sayin’). Which for me, even a lil Hoo-doo and Orisha NRG is cool! Depends on whats up! So, I digress……As I’ve evolved and developed into my Alchemical self, I give so much thanks to the realm of the unknown, my {NEPTUNE in Scorpio}. There’s so much over there to see and KNOW. Yoga for me has become one of the few salves I utilize in my life these daze. It has allowed me to dive deep into self acknowledgement and ACCEPT all of the ME that I AM. Stretching and pulling and peeling away layers of the not so great part of self that I have longed to become. The good, bad, ugly, and IN’different are each shown to me and I love them all. They all come with PURPOSE. Self AWARENESS is the tool of necessity. We all need it in order to see the forest THRU and around the trees. The Ancestral realm continues to guide me to the (((REAL))) of SELF, each and every day that I practice this wonderfill activity. It is also a GREAT form of exercise. I mean REALLY. I never thought I would be able to see a change in my body and it’s development  without having to use a treadmill or weights. Sure, I’ll still do it, BIG Goddess style from time to time, and hop on the Elliptical. I do like that adrenal rush every now and again. But, for the most part, I’d rather stay in that peaceful space of inner awareness. So give me Yoga any day. It has been and will continue to be, a MAIN stay for me and my journey of healing. I’m still learning and in the somewhat beginning stage, but it gets better EVERYDAY! Yayyy Yoga!!!!!!


5 Replies to “Kemetic Yoga!”

  1. U better work those poses girl! U looking good Ma!loll It’s good 2 see U doing your thing. I found doing yoga to be very relaxing. I do it a lot in the morning before going 2 work. It helps me mentally prepare for the day. When did U start doing yoga? Does it help U relax and unwind?

  2. I notice you mention Christianity conflicting with Yoga. Many people misinterpret this as a clash of ideologies. Yoga, as I’m sure you know, is Realization of the True Self. Many people call that state of consciousnesses different things. One name is Christ Consciousness. Jesus spoke of his union, “The Father and I are one”. Om Shanti Namasté.

    1. Lol! Thanks, KP!….I agree. Yoga is very relaxing and takes you into a peaceful space. That’s what I love about it, as you said it helps to prepare you for what’ls ahead throughout your day……I’ve been doing it off and on for almost 2 years, now. But consistently for maybe 3 mos. or so. I love it!

      1. Yes that’s true. I remember U did a video 4 me two years ago. I think it was called Meditations and You. I really liked that video. I know you pulled a lot of your old vids down. It would be cool 2 see that old video again sweetie. *hint hint* 🙂

    2. High there! Yes, I agree. As I started to tap into Spirit almost 10 years ago, I started reading about Yoga and meditation, then. This was when I too became conflicted just as others, with just what was Yoga and was it (SAFE) to practice such. I am aware of the Christ Consciousness as well as other names the light within is labeled as. I give thanks for this journey. And I THANK ((YOU))
      for stopping by. Bliss!!!! : )’s… : )’s….

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