My Version of Kicked Up Hibiscus Tea!

This tea is a really good tea for ladies with low iron, which is one of the MAIN reasons I drink it. Besides the fact that it tastes YUMMILY! The ingredients I put in it, I have realized also make this tea a good diuretic! So heat up some water and steep those herbs and get ya drink on! (Actually I bring this batch of goodness to a 5 to 8 minute boil.) You won’t be sorry! : )’s


3 Replies to “My Version of Kicked Up Hibiscus Tea!”

      1. Good 2 U more often too. Even when I’m feeling a little down U always lift my spirit. I guess it’s the positive vibes and vibrant NRG that U give off. I thank the Most High and Divine spirits for sistas like U. It makes living in this sometimes depressing death culture a bit more bearable. Thank U for being U. ❤

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