Black Spanish Root!

20150311_152635 20150311_152754So, I’m sure some of you may be wondering what the heck is this thing, here!? Welp! I was wondering the same thing the first time I came across one. Then, as I stood there studying this foreign looking, what I supposed was something edible from the section I was in. I decided it had to be some type of root! And that’s exactly what it was. A SPANISH RADISH ROOT! Which I’ve come to learn is good for many a thing on the HEAL’THY food chart. This root packs a MEAN punch, you guys. It’s good for liver detoxification, gallbladder, as well as the digestive system as a whole! It also carries benefits in helping to get rid of colds and cough too! Which means it has Vitamin C! And guess what else this cute little bud is good for,,,,,beautiful glowing skin. And hair treatment too! Now tell me,,,,,why would anyone deny themselves of trying something that has so many benefits? I admit it looks a little different. But hey,,,doesn’t many of the foods out there we eat? That is until we dress them up with accessories to make them pleasing to the eye and yummy to the tummy. I know for me it’s yummerz. I like to put mine in a BIG ass Kale n’ Swiss Chard salad! He’he’he….Admittedly, it has a mild pungent taste, but nothing you can’t get pass once you medley it up and throw in some sea salts, powders, oils, a few fresh apples and dried cranberries or pomegranates. Oh! and avocado! Ya’ can’t forget the avocado. So! With all that yummy goodness,,,,,,meshed in together in a big ol’ bowl,,,,,,,just marinating waiting to be delved into, why not give it go and see what ya think ’bout, Black Spanish Radish. It’s bound to make your body smile. It sure did mine!


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