Purple Punani Paradigm Shift……THEY Sleep (We GRIND)

Riding the tide has always been a part of my life’s journey. When I was younger people would tell me, “Sometimes, ya just gotta flow with the tide.” Of course I didn’t really get it then. But now, as I’ve grown up, some. Evolved a bit. I’ve accepted that LEVELING UP is what it’s about in order to get to a better you. Mastering shit and being willing to use the tools that are out there, to do so.

             (So then you research this Yoni thingamawhat and the journey BE’gins……)

purple yoni eggs

MY SMOKY QUARTZ Yesterday turned out to be a VERY mystical and IN’timate time with my egg. Onset, I assumed this day was as the others had been, with her nestled in my womb, doing some clearing and healing. As the day progressed on, I started to feel really LIGHT. Like I was tapping into something bigger than me and even life. I continued on with my day as usual, until I stepped out to run an errand. As I drove up the road, all that WAS, really wasn’t. I knew I had to be feeling some kinda way, because I usually skate on that night, but for some reason skating just wasn’t that big of a deal to me and it usually (IS). I made it back home and decided I’d eat, shower, and get into bed early. But, I knew that would be null and void, seeing as the years have come and gone, and my paradigms continue to shift, I’ve noticed I sleep less and less. And the Yoni egg shift has been the least sleep of all. It seems that I sleep okay, one day and not at all the next. On the nights I haven’t been sleeping, I’ve been doing works on self. Last night I really didn’t want to, but Spirit got me along. Spiritually and ORGASMICALLY! It was really MIND-BLOWING! LITERALLY! Not only was my Yoni vibrating or (SOMETHING). But the top of my Crown was doing the same thing. I know this article is border-line erotica but, I’m sharing an IN’spierince that I feel the goddess as well as the brothas may want to utilize. These works are FREEING me up of the BS and nothingness that matters to everyone besides me. The WILD WOMBMAN in me is unleashing and I love it! I’ve always known the free-thinker in me would emerge soon enough, other than in my paintings and poetry. I’m LOVING this less rigid side of SHE who is ME! I’m assuming Smoky has done her job with me for now, because last night when she plopped out, she didn’t have me wash her off and reinsert her. She had me wash her off and place her in a tub of sea salt that I have for crystal clearing. My INNER’G was HIGH! And I wasn’t touching only SCANNING. I’m a training hands on NRG clearer, so I’ll feel it’s safe to say, this is what was going on some. As I scanned my Yoni area, the pulsating continued. It was non-stop. It kinda scared me some. But my inner-goddess said again “Flow with the tide. Let the Paradigm shift.”


8 Replies to “Purple Punani Paradigm Shift……THEY Sleep (We GRIND)”

      1. I can’t help it! It’s Friday and it’s 86 degrees outside. It’s a beautiful day. I’m about to go for my afternoon jog since I’m off today. Can’t waste such a beautiful day right?lol

      2. WHAT!??? 85!!!??? Now, You KNOW, ‘um jelly!!! Cali get all the good weather while the ‘A’ be up n’ down. It’s friggin’ rainy with us @ 46 degrees. : /….

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