I remember the first time I’d heard of Vaginal Steaming. I was like “What is that? And why in the world would I be wanting to steam my lady parts!?” But the more I researched, the more excited I became. I mean, who knew that the herbs we use to season our foods and find in the Herb stores for medicinal purposes could also be used to clear out our space energetically. As well as heal a situation that may be going on down there. If anyone knows me, they know I’m BIG on NRG clearing, and healings of any sort. So after I’d done what I’d felt was enough research, I decided I’d try this out. This was about 8 mos. ago. The first one I did, I used a metal bowl filled with herbs that I felt were needed for HER at that time, along with steaming hot water that came off the stove, a few towels, a blanket to wrap entire body so steam can stay trapped, some candles, crystals, a large cup of water to drink in case I became dehydrated, and NRG from the Ancestors, and Ori especially the water Goddess Yemeya. (She’s my Mama Orisha). And I gave it go! I sat the pot in the POTTY after giving it a MAJOR scrub, and let the healings begin. I sat there allowing myself to be centered and a WONDER’FILLED bliss came over me. Which let me know then, that THIS would be a ritual of mine of some sort. So, now,,,,,,it is time yet again, to bliss my Yoni with a V-day! This will be my fourth one since the first one I gave myself 8 mos ago, and a few things have changed sum. I no longer sit on the POTTY. I now sit on the POT (metal bowl) LITERALLY. I place it in the tub surrounded by a blanket and few towels for kneeling. I’ve found that this works better for me. Seems more IN’timate. Though I prefer water, I have prepared tea before, instead. A healing womb tea to sip. This was pleasant as well. I have to say that finding out about Yoni Steaming has been a salve to the WOMB’ni’verse. And I shall be using such a method from now on. So ladies, for those of you haven’t tried it before. Give it a try. You won’t regret it!…….Down below I will share a few herbs that I have found to benefit me during this time.


Red Clover

BTW……..You can also use essential oils if you like, and KNOW what you’re doing. I haven’t gotten comfortable with doing that, yet so…..


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