Waist Beads and Their Significance

WAISTBEADS MY WAISTBEADSAs Spirit continues to take me on journey after journey of self healing and self real’EYE’zation, I’m ecstatic and amazed at all the tools we have to heal our wombs and our body vehicles as a whole. Seems Mother Earth and our Ancestors left us a lot to work with, unbeknownst to us. The unfortunate thing about the aspects of healing is that WE (the melanated) ones, are the one’s who’ve been hoodwinked the MOST. I say this because every other culture continues to hold on in some way or another to the rituals and cultural upbringings once extended to them by their Ancestors and the wise ones. Also, what annoys me is that there is ALWAYS a culture who says this started here and this start over here. When if we look at it in FULL view, of what really seems to make sense, it’s that each of these tools that have come from Ma’at ie; Mama Earth and the Ancestral realm, we would see that we are each practicing the same or at least very similar rituals. It’s all about healing. That said, I wanted to make mention of a tool that seems rather simplicit and only appears to be about adorning the body. We as the goddess energy love to beautify ourselves with gold, silver, rings, necklaces and much more! Given that, here’s an adornment that is MUCH more than something to enhance ourselves with. Waist beads, are a tool and have been a tool used for womb healing for a long time. From my research, I have come across a few tidbits of why our Ancestors and the Yoruba culture has used waist beads. In the Yoruba diaspora they have a belief system that waist beads are good for eroticism as well as a form of birth control. They feel that the beads help to portray the chastity of a maiden or sensuality. Brides seduce their spouses with the beads. It says the way she shakes her buttocks can depict her morals either seductive or reserved. As far as fertility and births are concerned they sometimes use a nut shell called the Lagidigba to signify multiple births. In Africa, the women over there use waist beads to protect themselves from negative energy. The old traditions attribute them to having healing powers. Some women even use them as an instrument for losing weight. It is said that the colors of the rainbow have balancing properties. It’s said that if you know what you’re doing, by adding healing crystals and certain gem stones, this will benefit in healing certain ailments. The women who wear waist beads feel they should be worn below the belly. Women of all shapes and sizes wear waist beads. No body structure is excluded. Isn’t this just awsome! To have the gift of this adornment as a healing tool, as well! I sure think so! So much so, that I have made my own! It was so much fun making them and I connected to Spirit as well. Pure bliss!


Get’cho Yoni pH UP!

lemon 2 lemon

So, for the past few days I’ve been on this HIGH Inner’G search for a NATURAL daily Yoni cleanser opposed to over the counter soaps. I’ve been using fragrance free Dove since forever on my goddess and she’s let me know, that enough is ENOUGH! I told her okay and the search has been ON.

Yesterday,  while I was out and about, taking in the LOVELY rays of Ra, and IN’joying the drumming that was going on at one of the local eccclectic stores that was celebrating their 2 year anniversary, next door to one of the raw food restaurants I frequent. I decided while I was waiting on my Kale Wrap or as they call it Wrawp to be prepared, I’d go over, to see if the sistah inside carried any form of natural unscented pleasure for down below. She presented to me a few items and we both decided none would benefit me. Finally, she let me in on HER little secret, which was, that she uses lemon on her SHE. I was like “What!?” A lemon? Doesn’t that sting?” She laughed a bit and shared with me that it does a bit, but she’s been doing it since forever, so she’s gotten used to it. PLUS! It has kept her pH balance on point. I looked quite stunned, yet, I was very IN’trigued by this. I immediately told her that I would definitely be trying this out. She led on that I should, but to make sure to be inside the tub, or to have the shower running just in case it set me a FIRE! We both laughed and I walked away with this new outlook on naturals from Mama Nature, to cleanse my Yoni with. I did try it and was pleasantly satisfied. It did NOT burn nor sting and it felt rather refreshing. HOWEVER, it was a little messy. Seems no matter how much I let the water hit HER, there were residuals to boot, and I’m CLEAN down there! Just shaved last week, so no nothing to adhere to! Well maybe a few fuzzies. He’he’he. But, other than that, the lemon is DEFINITELY a GO! I will be using it maybe 4 daze out of each week and switch up with maybe some ACV, Baking Soda, Teatree Oil, or other natural Vaggie cleanser. I’m so happy to have come across these items and to have spoken with the goddess on this topic. She has started yet a new journey of cleansing for me and I give Ashe’.