Get’cho Yoni pH UP!

lemon 2 lemon

So, for the past few days I’ve been on this HIGH Inner’G search for a NATURAL daily Yoni cleanser opposed to over the counter soaps. I’ve been using fragrance free Dove since forever on my goddess and she’s let me know, that enough is ENOUGH! I told her okay and the search has been ON.

Yesterday,  while I was out and about, taking in the LOVELY rays of Ra, and IN’joying the drumming that was going on at one of the local eccclectic stores that was celebrating their 2 year anniversary, next door to one of the raw food restaurants I frequent. I decided while I was waiting on my Kale Wrap or as they call it Wrawp to be prepared, I’d go over, to see if the sistah inside carried any form of natural unscented pleasure for down below. She presented to me a few items and we both decided none would benefit me. Finally, she let me in on HER little secret, which was, that she uses lemon on her SHE. I was like “What!?” A lemon? Doesn’t that sting?” She laughed a bit and shared with me that it does a bit, but she’s been doing it since forever, so she’s gotten used to it. PLUS! It has kept her pH balance on point. I looked quite stunned, yet, I was very IN’trigued by this. I immediately told her that I would definitely be trying this out. She led on that I should, but to make sure to be inside the tub, or to have the shower running just in case it set me a FIRE! We both laughed and I walked away with this new outlook on naturals from Mama Nature, to cleanse my Yoni with. I did try it and was pleasantly satisfied. It did NOT burn nor sting and it felt rather refreshing. HOWEVER, it was a little messy. Seems no matter how much I let the water hit HER, there were residuals to boot, and I’m CLEAN down there! Just shaved last week, so no nothing to adhere to! Well maybe a few fuzzies. He’he’he. But, other than that, the lemon is DEFINITELY a GO! I will be using it maybe 4 daze out of each week and switch up with maybe some ACV, Baking Soda, Teatree Oil, or other natural Vaggie cleanser. I’m so happy to have come across these items and to have spoken with the goddess on this topic. She has started yet a new journey of cleansing for me and I give Ashe’.


3 Replies to “Get’cho Yoni pH UP!”

  1. You’ve been putting up some very informative videos lately. I’m proud of you boo. You’re getting the information out to the people. That’s the way you do it! Keep it up sis. I hope things are going well in the ATL. Stay Blissed. U know I got mad LUV 4 U. ❤ 🙂

    1. Thanks, KP, I’m trying. I feel like, if it’s of benefit for me, why not share? As it may benefit someone else!……Yes, things are good, here. A little rain but that’s about it……I love you back, and hope things are great for you as well….. I APPRECIATE you for staying around over the years! You’ve kept me smiling on this journey!…. Bliss to you as well, love. Hugggzzzz….. : )’s

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