Oil Pulling…

Oil Pulling...

So, I finally decided to try Oil Pulling. This is day 2 and so far so good. I can feel a difference already in my gums and teeth as they have gotten sensitive over the years. Research says that Sesame Oil gives the best results, but any PURE oil is said to be good. I only had Olive so,,,,it’s said pulling for 15 to 20 minutes a day is needed for the ultimate results of toxin release. Pulling for that length of time is definitely going to be a process! I only did 3 yesterday and 6 today. :(… I will say though, that I was able to see toxin release this morning after pulling. I have had a cold and am slowly getting over it. Mucus has had my nose and head pretty full. After the pulling this morning about 4 minutes later I started getting drainage in a MAJOR way! That said,,,,,thus far,,,,,I am IMPRESSED! We shall see as I embark upon the 30 day mark! :)’s….. OH! And be sure to spit the YUCK in a bag and NOT the sink. It may clog.


How 2 Bring Veggies Back 2 Life! ;)’s…

How 2 Bring Veggies Back 2 Life! ;)'s...

Need 2 bring back 2 life those veggies that have started to wilt in the fridge? Water does the trick EVERY time! Just place a small amount in a mason jar and stick your green leafy vegetables inside, stick them back in the fridge, n’ watch them come back to LIFE! This is cilantro here in the photo. But I’ve done it with kale, collards n’ parsley as well. Give it try n’ see the BLISSINGS of life be restored! :)’s….

Chai Tea….IN’erG Booster PLUS!

Chai Tea....IN'erG Booster PLUS!

As I continue on my journey of day 5 of water fasting, the vehicle that carries me from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is getting verrrry tired. I have been including herbal teas that I prepare myself from natural herbs that have been helpful. Up until today, the ones I’ve prepared have been for the benefit of the liver and pre-menopause symptoms. But now, I am DRAINED, so I researched benefits of Chai Tea. I really didn’t think it would be okay to consume while doing this type of fast. But I was wrong yeaaaaa….Actually, in tasting Chai Tea that is already prepared in box form, I really didn’t care for it. But, something told me the other day when I was at the Herb store to go ahead and purchase some while I was there. I had the young lady blend it with a few other teas and the smell was NOTHING like the CRAP that comes in the box. So, today after researching, I found many benefits of Chai as well as the other teas in the blend that was prepared for me. One of them was boosting of energy. That was ALL I needed for now! I am sooooo THANKFUL for Chai. I REALLY am able to see the boost in my body vehicle. Thank you, Chai Tea! Yay! You! :)’s….

Other Benefits of Chai Tea:

reduction of stomach cramps
blood pressure
anti aging
brain function
fights e-coli
yeast infection
anti- depressant etc.

Hush Little Baby! (Sage n’ Green Jade Healing Crystal)! ;)’s…

Hush Little Baby! ;)'s...

Want 2 calm a fussy little 1 who’s missing Mommy/MA’AT, IN’stantaneously!?? Grab a Sage bundle and a Green Jade Crystal and it’s OVA wit’! My grand’GODDESS was balling her eyes out for almost 30 minutes after her Mommy/MA’AT dropped her off for work. I tried EVERYTHING then Spirit said “Sage.” I went 2 my Alter and grabbed a bundle and lit it. She immediately STOPS crying then comes over to my leg and hugs it. She nudges her head into my thigh and starts reaching for the smoke. She says “‘MOKE, Nanu. ‘Moke.” Lol. She’s 2 so…..We walk towards the Alter that is in my bedroom and I am led to the crystals. The Green Jade crystal was 1st on my mind though I wasn’t sure. I debated between that one, White Calcite, and Amethyst but only for a 2nd cuz Spirit has been chastising me about NOT going with my first mind. So,,,,Green Jade it was! I hand it to her, she hugs it as she’s lying in my arms. She hands it back to me and I start placing it all over her little upper body. I place it near her head and she starts closing her eyes. Not even 15 seconds, NO lie! She was out for the count! AWSUMNESS! :)’s….

Benefits of Sage


Benefits of Green Jade