“Woman is…

“Woman is the moon. It wanes and waxes. Everything grows because of the moon. Everything ripens because of sun. And everything is conceived because of the combination of the harmony and those two polarities of male and female, sun and moon.” ~Yogi Bhajan

The Womb’man and HER Splendor

While U Were Sleeping (R There Benefits of Dreams or Is It TABOO 2 Share Them??

As I slept some weeks back I had this really DARK dream. One that woke me out of my sleep, STARTLED. It was about my Sun. It was in detail of what could possibly happen to him. Initially, as I was awakened I told myself that I would not share this dream with him or any1 else. It was too much to stomach. But as I fell back into slumber I assume my subconscious must’ve told me that it was okay to fill him in on what may happen. I shared the info with him and we continued 2 move on with our daily lives. Yes, it is true that many times dreams could be symbolic of something other than what the dream may have given us. So, I told him not to make too much of it. I also had to tell myself the same thing. 3 weeks went by and as I  have come to find out as of today, per HIM, the dream DID come to pass BUT thankfully,,,,,he paid attention to each and every word I said. This saved his life! Many of us are Oracles, Seers, Healers, and other cosmic NRG/IN’tities. We must use our gifts for the benefits of others. Even those of us who may not be “TAPPED IN” have visions and they may just be of help to someone. I TOTALLY feel it is of necessity for us to not be taken in by the SAID taboos of life. These visions are NOT for naught. Use them! The same thing goes for PREMONITIONS as those have been of benefit for my family and I as well. In past years and herelately. Give thanks! : )’s…Image

I AM Spider WOMB’man (POWER Animal-Grandmother Spider)

As the daze come and go I am learning to EMBRACE the POWER animals that present themselves to me as Animal Medicine or Totems. I give thanks to them as I am shown different ways to walk through life in the Shamanistic aspect. Grandmother Spider has been guiding me emphatically/EMPATHICALLY to see things through her eyes. The web she has been weaving for me is filled with GRANDEUR. I would never have expected to be accepting of spider years back, seeing as I was fearful of them. I won’t say I had Arachnophobia, but I did carry the usual apprehensions of what spider may have been bringing should one cross my path. However, nowa’DAZE,,,,,,as Grandmother weaves her webs outside my window I search for any little inkling of some whatever that looks unfamiliar to my two eyes but NOT my 3rd eye. 2 weeks ago she’d weaved a 6 pointed star that led me to innerstand after reasearch, that I was being initiated into the realm of the SHE’man. The Ancestors have been gifting me for years now in subtle ways but for the past few,,,animal totems have been popping out of EVERYWHERE, letting me know it’s time to PAY ATTENTION! I give thanks! Ase’, Ashe’, AShe’oooohhhh……Image

Healing Crystals and Their Origin

Because of the Earth’s rotation this causes stress on the crust which is what causes crystals to form. Gas, water, and other compounds come together in saturation as they pass cooling compounds then begin to crystalize. As they encounter cooler elements they start to erode. It takes millions of years for them to get their thickness. They form wherever space is available for them to evolve. Color variations come to be through even the tiniest impurity. Crystals and their behavior is explained to us in physics. Crystals are THE most orderly and simplicit solid matter in the Universe. There’s so much information that we can find on healing crystals unbeknownst to many of us. I will share 1 of the books I have on one of my alters that has been very informative on my journey of learning about them. It is called The Crystal HEALING BIBLE written by SUE LILLY. I give so much thanks to the benefits of healing crystals and their properties. This helps to keep my family and I away from hospitals unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. IMO, Imageeach of us should have some form of crystal, stone, or gem on our person or somewhere within reach if not only to IN’joy the PEACEFUL effects they extend to us! So, give healing crystals a try, they’re sure to be of benefit! : )’s….