Waist Beads and Their Significance

WAISTBEADS MY WAISTBEADSAs Spirit continues to take me on journey after journey of self healing and self real’EYE’zation, I’m ecstatic and amazed at all the tools we have to heal our wombs and our body vehicles as a whole. Seems Mother Earth and our Ancestors left us a lot to work with, unbeknownst to us. The unfortunate thing about the aspects of healing is that WE (the melanated) ones, are the one’s who’ve been hoodwinked the MOST. I say this because every other culture continues to hold on in some way or another to the rituals and cultural upbringings once extended to them by their Ancestors and the wise ones. Also, what annoys me is that there is ALWAYS a culture who says this started here and this start over here. When if we look at it in FULL view, of what really seems to make sense, it’s that each of these tools that have come from Ma’at ie; Mama Earth and the Ancestral realm, we would see that we are each practicing the same or at least very similar rituals. It’s all about healing. That said, I wanted to make mention of a tool that seems rather simplicit and only appears to be about adorning the body. We as the goddess energy love to beautify ourselves with gold, silver, rings, necklaces and much more! Given that, here’s an adornment that is MUCH more than something to enhance ourselves with. Waist beads, are a tool and have been a tool used for womb healing for a long time. From my research, I have come across a few tidbits of why our Ancestors and the Yoruba culture has used waist beads. In the Yoruba diaspora they have a belief system that waist beads are good for eroticism as well as a form of birth control. They feel that the beads help to portray the chastity of a maiden or sensuality. Brides seduce their spouses with the beads. It says the way she shakes her buttocks can depict her morals either seductive or reserved. As far as fertility and births are concerned they sometimes use a nut shell called the Lagidigba to signify multiple births. In Africa, the women over there use waist beads to protect themselves from negative energy. The old traditions attribute them to having healing powers. Some women even use them as an instrument for losing weight. It is said that the colors of the rainbow have balancing properties. It’s said that if you know what you’re doing, by adding healing crystals and certain gem stones, this will benefit in healing certain ailments. The women who wear waist beads feel they should be worn below the belly. Women of all shapes and sizes wear waist beads. No body structure is excluded. Isn’t this just awsome! To have the gift of this adornment as a healing tool, as well! I sure think so! So much so, that I have made my own! It was so much fun making them and I connected to Spirit as well. Pure bliss!


Get’cho Yoni pH UP!

lemon 2 lemon

So, for the past few days I’ve been on this HIGH Inner’G search for a NATURAL daily Yoni cleanser opposed to over the counter soaps. I’ve been using fragrance free Dove since forever on my goddess and she’s let me know, that enough is ENOUGH! I told her okay and the search has been ON.

Yesterday,  while I was out and about, taking in the LOVELY rays of Ra, and IN’joying the drumming that was going on at one of the local eccclectic stores that was celebrating their 2 year anniversary, next door to one of the raw food restaurants I frequent. I decided while I was waiting on my Kale Wrap or as they call it Wrawp to be prepared, I’d go over, to see if the sistah inside carried any form of natural unscented pleasure for down below. She presented to me a few items and we both decided none would benefit me. Finally, she let me in on HER little secret, which was, that she uses lemon on her SHE. I was like “What!?” A lemon? Doesn’t that sting?” She laughed a bit and shared with me that it does a bit, but she’s been doing it since forever, so she’s gotten used to it. PLUS! It has kept her pH balance on point. I looked quite stunned, yet, I was very IN’trigued by this. I immediately told her that I would definitely be trying this out. She led on that I should, but to make sure to be inside the tub, or to have the shower running just in case it set me a FIRE! We both laughed and I walked away with this new outlook on naturals from Mama Nature, to cleanse my Yoni with. I did try it and was pleasantly satisfied. It did NOT burn nor sting and it felt rather refreshing. HOWEVER, it was a little messy. Seems no matter how much I let the water hit HER, there were residuals to boot, and I’m CLEAN down there! Just shaved last week, so no nothing to adhere to! Well maybe a few fuzzies. He’he’he. But, other than that, the lemon is DEFINITELY a GO! I will be using it maybe 4 daze out of each week and switch up with maybe some ACV, Baking Soda, Teatree Oil, or other natural Vaggie cleanser. I’m so happy to have come across these items and to have spoken with the goddess on this topic. She has started yet a new journey of cleansing for me and I give Ashe’.


I remember the first time I’d heard of Vaginal Steaming. I was like “What is that? And why in the world would I be wanting to steam my lady parts!?” But the more I researched, the more excited I became. I mean, who knew that the herbs we use to season our foods and find in the Herb stores for medicinal purposes could also be used to clear out our space energetically. As well as heal a situation that may be going on down there. If anyone knows me, they know I’m BIG on NRG clearing, and healings of any sort. So after I’d done what I’d felt was enough research, I decided I’d try this out. This was about 8 mos. ago. The first one I did, I used a metal bowl filled with herbs that I felt were needed for HER at that time, along with steaming hot water that came off the stove, a few towels, a blanket to wrap entire body so steam can stay trapped, some candles, crystals, a large cup of water to drink in case I became dehydrated, and NRG from the Ancestors, and Ori especially the water Goddess Yemeya. (She’s my Mama Orisha). And I gave it go! I sat the pot in the POTTY after giving it a MAJOR scrub, and let the healings begin. I sat there allowing myself to be centered and a WONDER’FILLED bliss came over me. Which let me know then, that THIS would be a ritual of mine of some sort. So, now,,,,,,it is time yet again, to bliss my Yoni with a V-day! This will be my fourth one since the first one I gave myself 8 mos ago, and a few things have changed sum. I no longer sit on the POTTY. I now sit on the POT (metal bowl) LITERALLY. I place it in the tub surrounded by a blanket and few towels for kneeling. I’ve found that this works better for me. Seems more IN’timate. Though I prefer water, I have prepared tea before, instead. A healing womb tea to sip. This was pleasant as well. I have to say that finding out about Yoni Steaming has been a salve to the WOMB’ni’verse. And I shall be using such a method from now on. So ladies, for those of you haven’t tried it before. Give it a try. You won’t regret it!…….Down below I will share a few herbs that I have found to benefit me during this time.


Red Clover

BTW……..You can also use essential oils if you like, and KNOW what you’re doing. I haven’t gotten comfortable with doing that, yet so…..

Purple Punani Paradigm Shift……THEY Sleep (We GRIND)

Riding the tide has always been a part of my life’s journey. When I was younger people would tell me, “Sometimes, ya just gotta flow with the tide.” Of course I didn’t really get it then. But now, as I’ve grown up, some. Evolved a bit. I’ve accepted that LEVELING UP is what it’s about in order to get to a better you. Mastering shit and being willing to use the tools that are out there, to do so.

             (So then you research this Yoni thingamawhat and the journey BE’gins……)

purple yoni eggs

MY SMOKY QUARTZ Yesterday turned out to be a VERY mystical and IN’timate time with my egg. Onset, I assumed this day was as the others had been, with her nestled in my womb, doing some clearing and healing. As the day progressed on, I started to feel really LIGHT. Like I was tapping into something bigger than me and even life. I continued on with my day as usual, until I stepped out to run an errand. As I drove up the road, all that WAS, really wasn’t. I knew I had to be feeling some kinda way, because I usually skate on that night, but for some reason skating just wasn’t that big of a deal to me and it usually (IS). I made it back home and decided I’d eat, shower, and get into bed early. But, I knew that would be null and void, seeing as the years have come and gone, and my paradigms continue to shift, I’ve noticed I sleep less and less. And the Yoni egg shift has been the least sleep of all. It seems that I sleep okay, one day and not at all the next. On the nights I haven’t been sleeping, I’ve been doing works on self. Last night I really didn’t want to, but Spirit got me along. Spiritually and ORGASMICALLY! It was really MIND-BLOWING! LITERALLY! Not only was my Yoni vibrating or (SOMETHING). But the top of my Crown was doing the same thing. I know this article is border-line erotica but, I’m sharing an IN’spierince that I feel the goddess as well as the brothas may want to utilize. These works are FREEING me up of the BS and nothingness that matters to everyone besides me. The WILD WOMBMAN in me is unleashing and I love it! I’ve always known the free-thinker in me would emerge soon enough, other than in my paintings and poetry. I’m LOVING this less rigid side of SHE who is ME! I’m assuming Smoky has done her job with me for now, because last night when she plopped out, she didn’t have me wash her off and reinsert her. She had me wash her off and place her in a tub of sea salt that I have for crystal clearing. My INNER’G was HIGH! And I wasn’t touching only SCANNING. I’m a training hands on NRG clearer, so I’ll feel it’s safe to say, this is what was going on some. As I scanned my Yoni area, the pulsating continued. It was non-stop. It kinda scared me some. But my inner-goddess said again “Flow with the tide. Let the Paradigm shift.”

Black Spanish Root!

20150311_152635 20150311_152754So, I’m sure some of you may be wondering what the heck is this thing, here!? Welp! I was wondering the same thing the first time I came across one. Then, as I stood there studying this foreign looking, what I supposed was something edible from the section I was in. I decided it had to be some type of root! And that’s exactly what it was. A SPANISH RADISH ROOT! Which I’ve come to learn is good for many a thing on the HEAL’THY food chart. This root packs a MEAN punch, you guys. It’s good for liver detoxification, gallbladder, as well as the digestive system as a whole! It also carries benefits in helping to get rid of colds and cough too! Which means it has Vitamin C! And guess what else this cute little bud is good for,,,,,beautiful glowing skin. And hair treatment too! Now tell me,,,,,why would anyone deny themselves of trying something that has so many benefits? I admit it looks a little different. But hey,,,doesn’t many of the foods out there we eat? That is until we dress them up with accessories to make them pleasing to the eye and yummy to the tummy. I know for me it’s yummerz. I like to put mine in a BIG ass Kale n’ Swiss Chard salad! He’he’he….Admittedly, it has a mild pungent taste, but nothing you can’t get pass once you medley it up and throw in some sea salts, powders, oils, a few fresh apples and dried cranberries or pomegranates. Oh! and avocado! Ya’ can’t forget the avocado. So! With all that yummy goodness,,,,,,meshed in together in a big ol’ bowl,,,,,,,just marinating waiting to be delved into, why not give it go and see what ya think ’bout, Black Spanish Radish. It’s bound to make your body smile. It sure did mine!

Kemetic Yoga!

20150213_140339 20150209_133850 1423940469834In ALL of my years of being on this planet, did I ever think I would be doing Yoga! Especially being that I’m from a STRONG Christian background. And for those of us who have crossed over to the other side “Heh’heh’heh!” We knoooooowwww all things Spiritual are deemed taboo and from the Witchy-Poo side of the tracks per the Religified. Not being mean (Just sayin’). Which for me, even a lil Hoo-doo and Orisha NRG is cool! Depends on whats up! So, I digress……As I’ve evolved and developed into my Alchemical self, I give so much thanks to the realm of the unknown, my {NEPTUNE in Scorpio}. There’s so much over there to see and KNOW. Yoga for me has become one of the few salves I utilize in my life these daze. It has allowed me to dive deep into self acknowledgement and ACCEPT all of the ME that I AM. Stretching and pulling and peeling away layers of the not so great part of self that I have longed to become. The good, bad, ugly, and IN’different are each shown to me and I love them all. They all come with PURPOSE. Self AWARENESS is the tool of necessity. We all need it in order to see the forest THRU and around the trees. The Ancestral realm continues to guide me to the (((REAL))) of SELF, each and every day that I practice this wonderfill activity. It is also a GREAT form of exercise. I mean REALLY. I never thought I would be able to see a change in my body and it’s development  without having to use a treadmill or weights. Sure, I’ll still do it, BIG Goddess style from time to time, and hop on the Elliptical. I do like that adrenal rush every now and again. But, for the most part, I’d rather stay in that peaceful space of inner awareness. So give me Yoga any day. It has been and will continue to be, a MAIN stay for me and my journey of healing. I’m still learning and in the somewhat beginning stage, but it gets better EVERYDAY! Yayyy Yoga!!!!!!

My Version of Kicked Up Hibiscus Tea!

This tea is a really good tea for ladies with low iron, which is one of the MAIN reasons I drink it. Besides the fact that it tastes YUMMILY! The ingredients I put in it, I have realized also make this tea a good diuretic! So heat up some water and steep those herbs and get ya drink on! (Actually I bring this batch of goodness to a 5 to 8 minute boil.) You won’t be sorry! : )’s